Evora 3 Seater Sofa Bed
Modern and Aesthetic StyleEVORA 3-SEATER SOFA brings elegance to your living spaces with its modern style. Adapting to different decoration styles and coming to the fore with its elegant details, the EVORA 3-Seater SOFA adds a stylish touch to the decoration. With...
Maison Sofa - 3 Seater
Comfort with Contemporary Touches MASION LIVING ROOM, which aims at maximum comfort with material combinations accompanying the contemporary design line, combines the aesthetic and functionality. Designed with a multi-layer sponge and pocket spring technology of different densities, it provides high...
Dorian TV Unit - Metal Rack Module
DORIAN TV UNIT redefines modern decoration with its refined style that draws attention with its design details. It combines aesthetics with high functionality with its design with 3 different lower and 2 different upper module options. Handleless surfaces highlighting the modern characteristic...
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Rosa Tv Unit - Large
TV stead alternatives in 2 different sizes Oppotunity to buy modules separately Functional wardorbe module with drop door Open shelf Exclusively designed handles
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Astoria TV Stand
A Feminine Interpretation to Contemporary Design Creating a chic and romantic ambience with its colour transitions in soft powder tones, The Astoria Living Room combines supreme comfort with eye catching design details. It completes the feminine design touches with rich...
Forte 3 Seater Sofa Bed
Versatile Contemporary AestheticsCombining its modern design line with its versatile functional advantages, FORTE LIVING ROOM brings a contemporary and stylish interpretation to decoration. While it increases the feeling of comfort at home with its comfortable sitting area, it offers a functional...
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Fabia Sofa - 2 Seater
Contemporary Comfort...Combining the functional and high comfort design set-up of contemporary decoration with remarkable touches, FABIA LIVING ROOM brings maximum comfort to living spaces. It completes special sewing applications used in body and armrests with rich fabric and throw pillow...
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Cordell TV Stand with Legs
Standing out with its stylish design line and maximum functional advantages, CORDELL TV TABLE brings together the warmth of wood with natural elegance with its walnut, gray and off-white surface applications.Features Color combination of white, gray and walnut Soft color...
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Linz TV Bench - Large
An Elegant and Simple Touch to SpacesWith its dynamic and modern style, LINZ TV TABLE brings an innovative look to spaces. The black matte leg design, which is in harmony with the modern atmosphere of the collection, stands out with its...
Linz 2,5 Seater Sofa
Modern and Dynamic DesignCombining its high comfort structure with rich design details, LINZ 2,5 SOFA brings a modern and impressive decoration style to life. While increasing the feeling of comfort with its softly curved form, it brings an original and stylish...
Fortuna 2,5 Seater Sofa
Quality and Comfort TogetherFORTUNA 2,5 SEAT SOFA gives a stylish touch to your living spaces with its special sewing application on the back cushion, while providing a functional use at the same time. Standing out with its metal-supported wooden construction design,...
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Fortuna 3 Seater Sofa Bed
High Comfort Stylish Design Offering an elegant example of new generation sofa designs shaped with high comfort in living spaces, FORTUNA LIVING ROOM completes its modern style with functional details. It creates a long-lasting comfort area by combining metal-supported wooden construction...
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Giorno TV Bench with Back Panel - 160 cm T
Timeless Design with Rich Details Offering a timeless and stylish design with its natural walnut color surface application, GIORNO TV UNIT combines functional features that make life easier with its modern line. While creating rich details with its marble-like decors exclusive...
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Vienna TV Table With Storage
Tranquil Elegance Enriching smooth form transitions with rose-gold metal ends, Vienna TV Unit brings timeless romantic touches to living spaces. Exclusively designed surface dressing on the covers stands out as a minimal and elegant detail. 2 different TV stand options...
Maison 4 Seater Sofa
High Comfort with Contemporary TouchesAiming at maximum comfort with material combinations accompanying the contemporary design line, MAISON 4-SEAT SOFA brings aesthetics and functionality together. It provides high comfort with its sitting area designed with multi-layer foam of different densities and pocket...
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Linz 3 Seater Sofa Bed
Young and Modern ComfortCombining its highly comfortable structure with rich design details, LINZ 3-SEATER SOFA brings a modern and impressive decoration style to life. While increasing the feeling of comfort with its softly curved form, it brings an original and stylish...
Cordell 3 Seater Sofa Bed
Aesthetic Reflection of ComfortOffering a comfortable sitting experience with its ergonomic back cushion structure, CORDELL 3-Seater SOFA gains an aesthetic appearance with the special sewing application on the back cushion. Combining elegance and comfort with its metal-supported wooden construction structure, CORDELL...
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Fabia 3 Seater Sofa Bed
Contemporary ComfortCombining the functional and highly comfortable design setup of modern decoration with striking touches, FABIA 3-SEATER SOFA brings living spaces together with maximum comfort. It completes the special sewing applications used on the body and arms with rich fabric and...
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Alto 3 Seater Sofabed
Contemporary Comfort with Timeless Lines Reflecting the plain aesthetics of modern lines, ALTO LIVING ROOM stands out with its ergonomic design. It combines aesthetics and comfort with its special sewing application on the back cushions and the sponge structure that provides...
Merida Sofa - 3 Seater
A Modern Touch to Classic Design Inspired by dynamic patterns and soft color tones, MERIDA SOFA SET brings a modern interpretation to the classical decoration line. It crowns its maximum comfort, which stands out with the use of multi-layered sponges in...
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Sona TV Table - Small (160 cm)
Complementing the light walnut and metallic brown color combination with a rose handle design exclusive to the series, SONA TV COFFEE stands out with its modern and stylish style. Complementing the series, the foot form and color stand out as a...
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Sona TV Table - Wall Unit
Contemporary design Light walnut and metallic brown color combination Handle design in series exclusive bronze color 2 different size TV stand alternatives TV unit with functional open shelf and extra storage space Aesthetic upper cabinet design Contemporary leg design and...
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Rosa Tv Wall Unit With Door - Large
TV stead alternatives in 2 different sizes Opportunity to buy modules separately Functional wardorbe module with drop door Open shelf Exclusively designed handles

Captivating and Warming Collection of Furniture

Enza is presenting a captivating and warming collection of furniture to transform your home into your dream palace. Our goal is to design furniture that exceeds your expectations, that is why we use fine wood. Our artisans prioritized not only quality but also genuineness while crafting living room furniture in Lahore and Islamabad.

Living room Collection brings you the most distinctive and fascinating collection of stylish sofa sets, sofa beds, tv units, glass door cabinets, wing chairs, carpets, and recliners in Lahore, Pakistan.

Enza’s professional team is constantly striving to enhance the standards of design, longevity, and product quality so that our Living room furniture becomes your lifetime investment. Our versatile, high-quality, and contemporary furniture will make your living room appear abundant.

Enza showcases nearly every type of furniture at its furniture stores in Lahore and Islamabad. Whatever concept you have in mind, our staff will bring it closer to reality. This is accomplished by providing customized furniture alternatives.

Now you can order furniture online from our website. We make certain that the furniture is carried securely and without any breakage or indentation. You can also purchase wing chairs online from our online stores.  It will completely alter the ambiance of your home. It will turn your ordinary corners into a comfortable chat zone.

We also offer sofa beds for sale on our website. Get an excellent variety of comfy and elegant sofa beds. You always have additional room for more guests to adjust at once with double functionality. It offers you the most comprehensive range of 2 seats and 3 seaters, suitable for any situation.

Enza Home is a one-stop shop for both furniture and flooring. We are pleased to provide beautiful carpets for sale in Pakistan. These carpets are carved for our prestigious clientele to complement their home's theme.


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