Zero Gravity Pocket Spring Mattress
Zero Gravity Latex Pocket Spring Series Mattress The Perfect Sleep Experience Coming From NatureZero Gravity Latex Mattress, which can provide special support according to personal body profile thanks to the flexible structure of the natural latex layer obtained from rubber...
from Rs.378,000
Wool Sense Spring Mattress
Wool Sense DHT Spring Series Mattress Wool Sense mattress provides micro-climate for every season by distributing the heat equally thanks to its pure wool Woolmark®, facilitates heart beatings and is anti allergic. With the Yataş's unique DHT Spring System that...
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Visco Ultimate Support Foam Mattress
Visco Ultimate Support Visco Series Mattress Developed with exclusive open cell technology visco elastic memory foam, Visco Ultimate Support Mattress offers a comfortable sleeping experience. The ideal arrangement of layers in the mattress Visco Ultimate Support produced with Yataş's open...
from Rs.247,000
Tesla Sleep Pocket Spring Mattress
Tesla Sleep Pocket Spring Series Mattress The Tesla technology on the special fabric of the Tesla Sleep mattress woven with magnetic fibers acting like a magnet, improves the quality of sleep. Meet the İSMOB 2016 Design Award-Winning Tesla technology with...
from Rs.151,000
Support Line Pocket Spring Mattress
Support Line Hybrid Series Mattress Award-winning Support Line mattress, only available in Yatas in Turkey, is equipped with the two-layered S-Line spring system protects the spinal curve of the body. Support Line mattress is equipped with the two-layered S-Line spring system,...
from Rs.230,000
Summer Bed Spring Mattress
Summer Bed DHT Spring Mattress Designed as a perfect summer bed to prevent the negative effects of summer heat on sleep comfort, Summer Bed offers a cool, cosy and comfortable sleep experience. Adaptive technology which has been awarded for its...
from Rs.59,000
Star Spring Mattress
Star DHT Spring Series Mattress Star mattress is economic and ideal for a quality and safe sleep. The high density foams in its structure provide additional spinal support. Equipped with DHT Spring Technology, the highly durable Star mattress will not...
from Rs.61,000
Sleep Balance Spring Mattress
Sleep Balance DHT Spring Series Mattress With the DHT Spring Technology manufactured with the steel spring manufacturing experience of Yataş expanding over 30 years, you don't experience height loss and deformation on your mattress. Equipped with DHT Spring Technology, the...
from Rs.75,000
Silver Therapy Spring Mattress
Silver Therapy DHT Spring Series Mattress Equipped with the Silver Ion Technology, the Silver Therapy Mattress prevents formation of bad odour thanks to silver ions in its fabric. Equipped with the Silver Ion Technology, the Silver Therapy Mattress prevents formation...
from Rs.75,000
Seven-Z Lateks Pocket Spring Mattress
Seven-Z Latex Hybrid Series Mattress Seven - Z Latex mattress redefines sleep comfort. With its natural latex layer and 7 region Pocket Spring formation, Seven - Z Latex mattress supports each region of the body independently. Seven - Z Latex...
from Rs.228,000
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Prestige Prime Spring Mattress
Prestige Prime Premium Series Mattress Monoblock Solid Core technology provides the best support f or the back and the lower back and preserves its form for years. Prestige Prime mattress is ideal for who are looking for firm mattress. The...
from Rs.272,000
Ionic Energy Padded Spring Mattress
Ionic Energy Pocket Spring Series Mattress Ionic Energy adapts to the shape of the body immediately thanks to its springs that each have been packed separately and functioning independently from each other and provides correct spinal support. Ionic Energy adapts...
from Rs.103,000
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Fresh Sense Padded Spring Mattress
Fresh Sense DHT Spring Series Mattress Yataş's Fresh Sense Bed, developed with Fresche® fabric technology and DHT springs, provides a comfortable sleeping environment for a comfortable and healthy sleep. The Fresh Sense mattress is the new and successful product of...
from Rs.83,000
Five-Zet Visco Pocket Spring Mattress
Five-Z Hybrid Series Mattress Five-Z mattress offers personal comfort and extra advantages thanks to its Hybrid structure. Wool used on the summer side and cotton used on the winter side provide the same level of comfort, every season. Five-Z mattress...
from Rs.214,000
Duchess Padded Spring Mattress
Duchess Pocket Spring Series Mattress Discover the Duchess Comfort, which makes a difference with its 7-Zone Pocket Spring system and award-winning technologies. Discover the Duchess Comfort, which makes a difference with its 7-Zone Pocket Spring system and award-winning technologies. The...
from Rs.168,000
Dream Box RP Pocket Spring Mattress
Dream Box Roll Pack Mattress Pocket Spring technology adopts to all types of body and applies less pressure to your head-shoulder region and spinal curvature which provides an unique comfort. Yataş presents the Dream Box, an innovative approach which provides...
Double Decker Pocket Spring Mattress
Double Decker Hybrid Series Mattress Double Decker mattress allows you to feel the comfort immediately when you sleep, thanks to its special spring design that provide two layers of support to your body.Double Decker mattress provides unique comfort with its...
from Rs.197,000
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Cool&Wool Pocket Spring Mattress
Cool & Wool Hybrid Series Mattress Cool & Wool Mattress is designed using Copper Cool technology on one surface which is specially developed in Yataş R&D laboratories and natural Woolmark wool on its other surface. Copper Cool technology, developed on...
Blue Star Spring Mattress
Blue Star DHT Spring Series Mattress Blue Star promises a restful sleep in the comfort of pure wool, relaxing the heart rate and increasing the quality of sleep with its Woolmark® wadding. The Blue Star mattress, preserves the natural curve...
from Rs.97,000
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Athletic Spring Mattress
Athletic DHT Spring Series The Athletic Mattress with Celliant® fabric technology absorbs the energy that the human body emits and returns it to the tissues in a usable form. Imagine a mattress that allows the quick recovery of muscles and...
from Rs.143,000
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Visco Topper
Visco Topper/Mattress Pad Visco Series Mattress Pad Yataş Visco Topper mattress pad offers you a comfortable sleep with its 4 and 7 cm alternatives. Yataş Visco Topper is the most economic method to get the visco comfort without having to...
Cool Action Padded Spring Mattress
Cool Action Pocket Spring Series Mattress The Cool Action Mattress provides personalized support with its individually encased pocket springs and offers thermal comfort with its Feran Ice® technology. The Cool Action mattress offers thermal comfort with its Feran Ice® technology...
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Compact Guest Bed Foam Mattress
Compact Guest Bed Compact Guess Mattress provides solutions for many needs with its ergonomic structure by being easily able to be assembled and folded back into his own bag to be stored without taking much room. Compact Guess Mattress offers...

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