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Marco Paolelli and Sandro Meneghello, in addition to being product designers, are strategic consultants for industrial products. They founded Meneghello Paolelli Associati in Milan in 2007. Meneghello Paolelli Associati has partnered with Italian and foreign companies to create added value through product design. The method, the research, the lateral and emotional thinking are the tools with which we create added value and provide solutions through the industrial design, always side by side with the customer.



Laura Delfina Sari is the art director and founder of REVERIA, a Milan based design studio focused on interior and styling for hotels, restaurants, retail stores and private homes. Graduated in Interior Design at IED Milano and then in Architecture in Venice, she spent over 10 years around Italy and Europe, concepting and designing ideas for interior, exhibit and product design solutions, before opening her own studio in 2013.

Since 2017 REVERIA collaborates with MPA for contract and hospitality projects.

"In order to achieve a stylish decoration, the basis of the Piedra Series is based on luxury and fashion values. The collection has sophisticated and elegant details such as leather, marble, copper, brass, bronze mirror or quilted finish for leather seat. That's why we used the Piedra Collection with pastel colours and natural materials which create contrast to the strong character of the pieces in the Piedra Collection.”

What does it mean to design for you?

MP: In our mind Design is a solution. Every project has some need, customer needs, marketing needs, production needs and so on; what we aim is to provide the best needs solutions in terms of design process. Firstly, behind every project is a long and tireless process undertaken together with the companies, from the first brief to the final version of the product. Each company is a world unto itself, whose potential, technological and production abilities, and last but not least, commercial needs are studied in depth. Once this introduction is completed, we uses its particular approach to the project that also favors a certain form of “lateral thinking”, which brings the 2-creatives to develop each design project in an unconventional way, for example, transforming aesthetic stimulations or project solutions from environments completely external to the world of design in the strict sense.

LS: For me design is a sense of style within a place or a product. It is a conversation between colours, materials, textures, geometry but also lighting, furniture and accessories. Having in mind the whole, I’m always looking for theunexpected detail, the vintage piece, the unusual fabric, plant or finishing. Things that create distinctness that differ from the common, that makes the difference but in harmony with the entire atmosphere.

When you were designing this place, what inspired you?

We live and work in Milano, the most importan Italian city for design. Designing this place we got inspired by the typical Milanese apartments: vintage feeling, tall and decorated ceilings, big windows. At the same time we worked in order to mix these feelings with new forms and materials, creating an unique yet welcoming interior.

How should we use the Piedra Dining Room and Piedra Living Room Set within decoration? And what are the essential components of it?

Piedra Collection put its bases on values such as luxury and trendy, since the main materials are elegant and sophisticated, such as leather, marble, copper, brass, brown mirror or the capitonnè finishing for the leather sofa, in order to reach a fine decoration in our houses. For sure we would suggest to use Piedra Collection in combination with pastel colours and natural materials, that are in contrast with the strong character of the Piedra Collection pieces.

What are the outstanding trends of 2019?

Defining a trend is always complex and misleading. The actual market doesn’t have a single direction, but it seems divided into 2-antithetical currents. On one side we have the “normalization”, defined by collections with a simple and recognizable aesthetic, familiar, welcoming and enveloping. On the other we have the “exasperation”, the desire and the will to stand out and to emerge from the mass, to shout to the world "Hey, here we are and we are cool". We see it in all those collections that tend to exasperate some design aspects, chromatic and functional aspects, making a collection unique and special.

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