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Furniture in Pakistan

Enza Home Pakistan, a modern Turkish furniture brand, has been successful enough to hold the position of being the best furniture brand in Pakistan. To ensure a seamless purchasing process, we offer various payment methods for our customers. Whether you are visiting our showrooms in Enza Home Islamabad or Enza Home Lahore, or shopping online, we provide convenient and secure payment options.

Upgrading your house with modern Turkish furniture from Enza Home Pakistan comes with a cost, and we aim to offer the best payment methods that are most convenient for our customers. At Enza Home Pakistan, our valuable clients can find various types of payment options that are both effective and secure. We provide numerous options and go the extra mile, even if it means picking up cash or cheques from their homes.

In-Shop Payment Options


Paying Cash/Cheque at Showroom

If it’s convenient for you, we would be glad to receive cash or cheques at our showrooms. The cheque can be a cash cheque or a deposit cheque. We have qualified accountants who can count the cash in front of you at our office while you enjoy a cup of our famous coffee or tea. Visit our showrooms in Enza Home Islamabad and Enza Home Lahore for this service.

Paying by Credit/Debit Card at Showroom

We have seamless POS machines equipped at our showrooms in DHA Phase 6, Lahore, and opposite Giga Mall, Islamabad, allowing you to pay by credit or debit card. This option ensures a smooth and secure transaction, making Enza Home Pakistan one of the best furniture shops in Lahore and a top 10 best furniture store in Pakistan.

QR Scanner

Enza Home, a luxury furniture store in Pakistan, offers a QR scanner at the reception. By scanning this with any bank’s application, you can easily transfer funds in one click. This modern payment method aligns with our commitment to providing luxury living furniture and modern furniture solutions.

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We have exciting news for our Alfalah credit card users. You can now purchase products and pay in installments with 0% markup if paid within 9 months. However, there is a processing fee after 6 months and a markup if you wish to pay over more than 9 months. This flexible payment plan makes luxury furniture more accessible, cementing Enza Home Pakistan’s position as a leading luxury furniture brand in Pakistan.

Online Orders


For all online orders, you could checkout with your credit/debit card, pay via bank transfer or request a personalized payment link from your sales personnel. This link will take you to our secure payment gateway, where you can pay using your credit or debit card.

At Enza Home Pakistan, we strive to provide the best and most secure online shopping experience for modern Turkish furniture and luxury living furniture. By offering these varied payment methods, Enza Home Pakistan ensures that our clients can purchase the best modern furniture conveniently and securely. Visit our showrooms in Enza Home Islamabad and Enza Home Lahore, or explore our online store to experience the finest luxury furniture brand in Pakistan.


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