Bold Statement Lamps

Enza Home brings ultimate solutions to your lighting needs. Now you can buy lights in Lahore, Pakistan hassle-free from the comfort of your couch, without stepping out. We have crafted some alluring hanging lights and bulbs to provide ample light for your living room. Our lamps have elegant shapes, stylish clusters of bulbs to give a luxurious feel in your dream home. Our team of experts, interior designers have stylized these hot lights to cater to your light requirements.

Enza Home proudly produces lamps in Lahore, Pakistan, and makes your bedroom furniture outclass feel. Lighting is no doubt an essential component of indoor interior designing in Lahore and helps to brighten up your dull rooms into a happy place.  

Enza Home gives you a wide variety of hanging lights and room lamps. Lighting is just like a complimentary accessory of the living room. It’s very important to choose the light that enhances the theme of your room and also serves the main purpose of removing dullness. Now, one main light source is not sufficient to brighten your living area. That’s why Enza Home brings modern lamps and hanging lights to suit your lifestyle.

Enza Home not only offers bedroom furniture for sale but colorful, printed lamps too. Chose from different mediums and categories of lamps such as vintage cage looks and modern, sleek metal lamps. Following are our most demanding Lamps,

Colors Pendant

These beautiful rainbow-colored lamps add positive energy to your room. They add emotions and feelings to your boring, plain walls rooms. They aesthetically add vibrance to your living area and complement other furniture elements.

Cage Pendant

Enza Home not only offers modern lighting solutions but also provides solutions for vintage lamps. This cage pendant comes in natural brown color and blends nicely with the overall theme of the living room. It provides light that is ample for studying and does not harm eyes sensitivity.

Piero Floor Lamp

This Piero floor lamp is a blend of the headboard and sleek metal body. It does not take much space and works efficiently. This modern luxury lamp comes in jet black color and silver or dull gold metal to stand out with pride in your living area.


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