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The Basel series wonderfully match the bedrooms' modern aesthetic. Thanks to its fabric-covered bed frame and comfy structure, it offers a comfortable sleep while complementing the bedroom decor.

Move Up Tetra

A technology that maximizes bed comfort. Move-Up Tetra adjustable base with a special motorized system provides four different adjustments and uses beyond the comfort of the bed.

Sirona Series

With its strong aesthetics exalted in design details, Sirona Series brings a modern and redefined style approach to living spaces with its quilting and lapel application on its arms that add timeless elegance to the design.


Accompanied by our expert interior architects and décor options adapted to your budget and style. We offer 3D designs based on the measurements of your space, transforming your vision into reality, a pleasant interior process for all your needs.

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Yatas bedding is Turkey's best-known mattress brand, with over 400 locations worldwide. Prepare to be amazed by the sleep revolution, which combines world-class technologies, more efficient spring systems, and hygienic features.

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Enza Home Book includes a range of furniture and home accessories that stands out with their unique designs and decorating ideas.

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How does Enza Home make wonder for your living rooms?

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We Believe in Creating Great and Timeless Spaces for A Lively Living

Who We Are?

With our roots in Turkey, Enza Home is a concept store offered by the Yataş Group. With years and years of Yataş Group’s experience, Enza Home is an online furniture store in Lahore & Islamabad, providing you with the best furniture in Pakistan. You can shop for your bedroom, living room, dining room and more. Enza Home’s furniture is not only aesthetically appealing but is also the best in quality because we believe in giving only the best. You can get your hands on the best furniture from the best furniture store in Lahore & Islamabad....

Exclusive Designer Collection

Furniture serves as the basis of any home. We are not just any furniture store; we turn your house into a home. Our furniture has been designed to befit your house in the finest way. Made with superior quality raw materials, our furniture has an endless charm that adds the sense of luxury and comfort to your home. Our furniture is modern in looks, classic in styling and ages just like fine wine. No doubt we are the best furniture store out there!
Our designer collection comprises of beautiful and intricate designs that speak volumes itself. The range of colours used embodies vibrance and grace together. Our cuts are smooth and textured. The entire collection has an inviting appeal with the perfect blend of balance and comfort. While being aesthetically appealing and elegant, our collection is designed for practical usage.

Dive into the World of Enza Home

Buying furniture can be a tedious job, but we have you covered! We have all your needs catered under one roof. No matter what you are shopping for, we have something for all. Let it be for your new home or for someone’s wedding gifts, we assure you, you’ll find your perfect pick here. Our wide range of furniture encompasses bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, furniture for embellishing your room’s corners, graceful and luxurious carpets, recliners, lighting and, kitchen and coffee tables.

  • Bring your Living Room to Life

    Living rooms should be lively and vibrant to live up to its name. Embellish your living rooms with Enza Home’s Living Room Collection which includes living room sofas, wing chairs, sofa beds and tv units for sale. We have the best sofa beds in Pakistan to provide you with extreme comfort. Buy your living room furniture in Lahore & Islamabad, Pakistan from Enza Home.

  • Revamp your Dining Room

    Dining rooms ought to look the best as we all know it is the room where all the formal gathering take place. Style your dining room with Enza Home’s decorative mirrors and dining room mirrors and make the whole space look bigger and brighter.

  • Adorn your Bedroom with Enza Home

    With the best wardrobes and modern beds in Lahore & Islamabad, Set the bar high with Enza Home. With our nightstands for sale and bedroom furniture on sale, you don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Shop by Look

We know how to serve the looks. When making a decision about something that will stay with you for years, you should trust no one else but only the best. Therefore, you don’t need to exhaust yourself when we have all ready for you! You can now shop by look from Enza Home. Just check out different looks created by our experts and see what you like the most. Once you’ve decided what goes with your aesthetics, you’re good to go. You can directly buy the exact look from our website.

An Indulging Shopping Experience

You can now buy furniture online from our furniture on sale, directly from our website. We beat any other furniture shop with our after-sales and interior design services in Lahore and Islamabad. With our free interior design services, you can get free consultation from our field experts on what suits you the best.

Don’t Just Purchase, Make and Investment

We at Enza Home, believe in creating life-long bonds that is why we don’t just let go of our customers once they’ve purchased from us. We know you don’t purchase furniture every other day and that it is a decision on which many coming years of your life are to be based upon Therefore, we want your purchase to be an investment for you. We provide you with the best after-sales services to help you with your furniture at all the coming phases. Our after-sales dedicated team will be right at your service!

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