Vision Collection

Visions 2023 Collection, which brings together the innovative and original attitude of the Enza Home design team with world-famous designers, invites its users to discover the qualified and exclusive bond established between interior space and aesthetics.

This exciting collection, which reflects Enza Home's future vision in every detail, reveals the unique synthesis of aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics and quality. Aiming for a contemporary lifestyle inspired by universal values ​​in design, Visions 2023 brings to life innovative modules that create their own identity with impressive combinations of rich material combinations.

Interpreting the use of exclusive materials with a qualified design approach that adapts to new generation decoration trends, Visions 2023 Series creates unique decoration fictions that go beyond the conventional set concept with its compatible module-based planning that can create combinations with a strong stance.

Visions 2023 Collection, in which new generation materials are used with surface applications such as natural coating and lacquer in the panel groups, as well as high comfort-oriented modules with size alternatives, enriched with qualified fabrics in the seating groups, brings the perfect combination of aesthetics and quality to living spaces, on the axis of a design approach that creates a difference for the future.

Qualified Fabric

Designed with maximum comfort-oriented deep seating areas and multiple size options, Visions 2023 Series seat modules bring the concept of contemporary luxury to living spaces with exclusive fabric applications that stand out with a serene color palette.

High Comfort

Offering a distinguished decorative style with elegant finishes and qualified fabric use, Visions 2023 Series seat modules create highly comfortable living spaces by enriching the deep seating areas designed with the use of hybrid sponge with additional back cushions and throw pillow applications.

Wood Quality

Visions 2023 Series panel group, which uses new generation materials with natural veneer and lacquered surface applications and exhibits an aesthetic stance, offers a durable and long-lasting usage experience with the strong design character of wood.

Award Winning Designs

With its innovative vision, Enza Home VISIONS 2023 Collection is deemed worthy of many awards in the world's most prestigious design competitions with its products that do not compromise on aesthetics and meet human needs.