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What Does it Provide?

Free Architectural Service

Our Free Design service by Enza Architects is a captivating and highly functional experience. It offers a comprehensive transformation of your living spaces. Our expert interior architects provide personalized design recommendations, aligning with your style, needs, and budget while keeping you updated on the latest seasonal décor trends.

Key Features:

  1. Professional complimentary interior design service.
  2. 3D design utilizing the Pcon app.
  3. Product selection tailored to personal preferences and budgets.
  4. Complimentary assembly, installation, and delivery.
  5. A convenient time-saving solution for your design needs.
Explore a World of Interior Design with Enza Home Pakistan

Expert Interior Architects

Enza Home Pakistan's interior design service connects you with our team of highly skilled interior architects, specialists in the art of transforming living spaces. Our interior architects are well-equipped to craft spaces that align with your preferences, both aesthetically and functionally. They embrace contemporary design principles, staying attuned to the latest décor trends that cater to your unique budget and style.

Embark on a delightful design journey led by our expert interior architects. From your initial meeting to the creation of 3D renderings, and from curating a personalized shopping list to the final execution, they will provide invaluable insights and recommendations at every step. Experience the magic of reinventing your living spaces with Enza Home Pakistan's interior architect team.

How to get Free Architectural Services?

Plan Selection

Make your choice to have your first meeting with our interior architect at your home or at the nearest Enza Home Pakistan store.

Appointment date

Pick your preferred time for in-home or in-store interior design service.

Space Drawing

After your meeting, our architect customizes 3D designs for your approval.

Shopping list

Your interior architect generates a shopping list based on your preferred decor options.

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