7 Interior Designer Tips to Help in Buying Sofa Set in 2021

Best Sofas in Lahore

Building a home seems fun unless you start doing interior designing and realize it’s hectic as well when you have so many options and little knowledge. Markets are cluttered with furniture stores offering modern beds, wardrobes, and sofa sets. Bedroom furniture in Lahore is all about the latest trends, luxury, and comfort.

According to the best interior designers, when you start decorating your home from scratch begin by choosing a sofa first so that you get ample space left for the decoding rest of the room. Interior design services in Lahore offer multiple sofa beds for sale. Other than sofa beds, wardrobes also act as a game-changer. This furniture plays the role of inspiration for the whole home. That’s why it’s always told to think several times before buying sofa sets.

What to consider while buying sofa sets?

Best sofa sets are a dream of every homemaker. It’s a one-time investment. In the living area, it’s the furniture items that cater to all our sitting needs. We need a sofa set, wing chairs, a central table, and a side table. We spend most of the time here with our family. We have snack time, spicy gossip nights, and all the other fun activities happening in the living room. That’s the reason we call buying furniture a one-time investment as we won’t change it often.

     1. Long Sofa

You will be surprised to read the name ‘’long sofa’’ but the thing is that your sofa specs matter a lot. It’s very important to perform the bottom test with the sofa i.e. to check the sitting capacity of your sofa. If you are a person who loves to lie down on a sofa, the seat depth should be 60 cm and the height must be 45 cm. Although there is no right size or wrong size in sofa measurement. Make sure it’s suitable for the whole family.

Similarly, tall heightened people need an extra-large sofa so that they can get maximum comfort and back support.

     2. Invest in a Strong Frame

Whenever you are buying a new sofa set, always look frame in detail. Consider the factors such as will be durable. Will that hold maximum weight or not? A solid framework performs better than delicate frames. You can buy sofa sets online from the comfort of your home. Just check the details of its framing and medium. Always confirm the guarantee of the sofa before buying. It should be not less than 15-20 years.

     3. Sofa Set with Big Cushions

Not only the inside stuffing of the sofa is important, but the outer surface also matters a lot. In the past, sofa sets with attached cushions were in trend. But they needed to be plumed regularly to remain intact and fluffy. So it’s advisable to use sofa sets with cushions that have multiple materials filling. Back cushions with foam and feathers are perfect for back support.

     4. Double Check Fabric

We often make the mistake of buying a sofa set without making the effort to check its fabric. We know it’s very important to find a suitable colored sofa that matches the whole color scheme of your living area. Choose wisely the fabric of the sofa so that you can clean it easily.

Interior designers also suggest covering your sofas if you have a pet such as a cat or a dog that stays with you in the home. Their hair Shed continuously and you have to clean all the mess. Even if you don’t have pets, you can expect such an adorable mess from your little kids. It’s better to get stunning printed clothes to fit your sofa sets and protect them from dirt and liquid spills.

     5. Measure your Space First

Have you ever encountered such a situation when you buy a new furniture item and it does not fit into your room? That’s a heartbreaking moment! We don’t want this to happen to you again. So, to avoid this situation, it’s better to take out your measuring tapes before visiting the furniture store. It seems a small deed but it’s very important. It will save you from a big loss. Not only the loss of money but also a waste of time.

Measure the space occupied by the wardrobes. You can measure it with the help of metallic measuring tape as it is more accurate as compared to others. Wardrobes in Lahore are now kept with more depth so that you can get maximum storage. You can also buy wardrobes online by reading their features in detail.

When you are done measuring wardrobe size, it’s time to measure the space left in the living room. In this way, you can get a better idea of what length sofa you should buy for your living room.

     6. Use of Newspaper for Sofa Shape

This will make you laugh but do you remember the old days of using paper for crafting? If yes then it’s time to recall those beautiful memories! Take old newspapers and tape for joining. You will need scissors to cut the newspaper into a sofa shape. Once done with the required sofa shape and size, place it in the area where you are planning for a new sofa placement.

     7. Give Final Touches to your Sofa

We only think about sofa sets and forget other sitting options such as wing chairs are a good choice too. Another trend of 2021 is to break the old rule of matching every furniture item. That makes the room cluttered and overly placed. You need to balance colors in your room. There is nothing like all furniture items of the same mediums and colors. Play with the colors. Break the old, boring brown tones of the furniture. Now the trend is for pop-colored sofa sets. Use bright pink, and blue-colored furniture for your home.

No doubt neutral sofa colors are more useful and go easily with all room

However, we will advise you to bring a change and start from your home. Don’t hesitate to go for bold-colored furniture. You can try with one room and then go for the rest of the rooms. Check best sofa sets in Lahore and get luxurious yet comfy sofa sets for your dream home!


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