Tesla Sleep Pillow


Size: 50 x 70 cm

50 x 70 cm
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Peaceful, comfortable and natural. Tesla pillow invites you to a seamless and quality sleep experience with its superior design technology.

The Tesla technology pillow with magnetic yarns ensures the regular secretion of the melatonin hormone controlling sleep patterns, increases the quality of sleep to 99 percent and gives the body maximum support to the self-renewal process. Its design supports the head and neck area in a natural way, it helps to reduce muscle stress. Providing a natural sleeping environment with its 100% cotton and 79TC outer fabric, Tesla Pillow promises its users a perfect sleep experience.

Product Features

  • Increases the sleep quality due to the magnetic properties
  • The frequency of fabric weaving is 79 wire & 100% cotton
  • The design supports the neck
  • 750 gr %100 PES filling
Additional Information

50 x 70 cm

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Shipping & Returns

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