4 Simple Ways to Revamp your Entryway

4 Simple Ways to Revamp your Entryway

When it comes to interior design, the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms are the first things that come to mind. What about the first place we step into when we enter a house; it is where we meet, greet our guests, and create the first impression of our home's decor. The vestibule, which means "entrance," is the first point of contact between the style, integrity, and elegance we strive to achieve through decoration. Let's discuss four simple ways to revamp your entryway. 

Floor and Wall

The entryway is a connecting space to other rooms. As a result, its compatibility with other rooms in the house is critical. Using elements such as wall paint, wallpaper, lath, and panels, can make the area appear rich in decoration.

Because the entryway is the first area we enter from outside the house, dust, and dirt are more likely to get in that way. As a result, easy-to-clean materials such as marble, tiles, and wood-like tiles can be used on the floor. Light colors for the floor and walls work best if you have a small entrance hall. 

Elements for Storage and Seating

We require storage for our used or new coats & shoes. Mirrored cabinets are an excellent way to add depth to your entryway. Hangers are an option for smaller areas.

Dressers, consoles, and sideboards are the best furniture items to provide convenience if you need to keep keys, wallets, and other similar items close to the main door, as they will be approachable and easy to find when you leave the house. If you need more storage space, consider purchasing a dresser with more than one drawer. Tall and thin dressers are ideal for narrow doorways. You can check out the best sideboards here or visit the best furniture stores in Lahore. We have sorted the space you need for your daily carrying items. 

Furthermore, let's talk about the space where you might need to sit and wear shoes. Puffs are suitable for smaller areas. The best wing chair or toe pouf can give a comfortable space to wear shoes or relax and take a short break when you enter the home.

 Lighting and carpet

You must use more furnishing to achieve space integrity. We should also include decorative accents like carpets and lighting. Buy the best carpets & lights with Enza Home Pakistan and add Turkish elegance to your space.

In decoration, the pattern is an important detail. Using patterned carpets on the entrance will give the space a unique look. Furthermore, lighting is essential for a well-lit corridor. Lampshades and floor lamps can be used in addition to the pendant lamp.

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Plants & Accessory 

Furniture, accessories, carpets, and lighting must complement each other. Let's imagine you have a gold-detailed dresser. You can complement it with gold-detailed vases, frames, or candle holders. The depth of the space plays a vital role in making it look bigger. To add depth to the space, hang a gold-detailed mirror or a painting in complementary colors. Finally, small or large plants can be essential for those who enjoy nature indoors. 

Enza Home Pakistan has something for all, whether you want to revamp your entryway or add a few things to change the look and feel. If you are confused and need suggestions, contact our experts and get a free interior design consultancy. You can also visit our website at https://enzahome.pk or your nearest store to check out modern Turkish furniture, or you may call us at 0304 1117200, and we'll work together to make the best entryway for your home!

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