The Ultimate Interior Design Do's and Don'ts

Enza Home Interior Design Do's and Don'ts

Planning an interior design of a home is a unique piece of art. There are several design principles that you should follow to create great interior design styles that best suit your needs. These dos and don'ts will help you get started whether you are trying to decorate a new space or planning to update an existing one. If you want a beautiful and comfortable living place with Turkish modernity and flair while avoiding interior design blunders, you can get Enza Home Free Interior Design Services.

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    Everyone has a favorite and preferred design style and often looks for inspiration when designing their homes. Yet, taking inspiration and creating an overly themed space is a common mistake. You may end up with a place that has multiple themes and colors. You need to be accurate about which design and color to follow either Spanish, Contemporary, or Vintage. Choose one or mix and match wisely. Instead of being overly literal, look for colors, artwork, or furniture from your preferred style and incorporate these into your decor alongside other pieces. You'll still get the look and feel you want without turning it into a theme park. Getting a perfect look is not always easy, and if you are still trying to achieve that look, Enza Home Pakistan is here to guide you with our Free Interior Design Services in Pakistan. 


      When you travel, you tend to buy souvenirs and other items you like to display in your space, either at home or workspace. When you display the items with the current interior design settings, it can end up cluttering the space. It becomes visually confusing and messy while making small spaces look even smaller

      The key is to limit the number of items placed with the other décor pieces. If you have a lot of treasured belongings that you cannot get away with, consider showcasing them in a showcase separately. 


        When buying furniture for your living roomdining room, or bedroom, it's easy to make the mistake of purchasing the entire matching set. Sure, they all match and have the same style, but it's boring and lacks personality. Plus, do you want your house to look like a catalogue display window?

        The trick is to buy your favorite bed or large three-seater lounge from Enza Home Pakistan and then personalize the look with complementary bedside tables or statement armchairs in a patterned fabric with modern coffee tables. It will result in a unique look that you might be aiming for.

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          Make your decorating style complement your home's architecture. Don't try to impose a slick, modern look on a traditional house; instead, work with its heritage to some extent.

          The same holds for your location. Even though you love how seaside homes look, your desert setting does not support them. Accept your surroundings and use them to inspire your decorating scheme. Shop with Enza Home Pakistanwhere we blend elegant furniture with modern art to create a contemporary interior that makes the best living space.


            Don't decorate in a single color or devote a color to a theme - going all blue & yellow will make your home look like a coastline retreat. Your color palette is already "hiding" in your home or room. Begin by examining the colors in your clothing and accessories, favorite pieces of furniture, books, photos, and even something you've had since childhood. It could be a toy, a postcard, or a piece of fabric - anything that catches your eye and makes you smile as you create your dream color scheme using colors you adore.


              Create mood boards & floor plans for each room. You can still see how all the rooms work together, but each space requires time and effort to work well with the scheme. A mood board will assist you in visualizing and feeling your dream, selecting a style and items that complement one another, and making it all a reality. You can also get Enza Home Free Interior Design Services to create a mood board for your living spaces. 

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                Only place all your furniture against the walls if you live in a small house or apartment. Bring in pieces, give the walls, some breathing room, and make use of the entire space. It improves flow and allows for a more fluid layout, which is especially important in open-plan homes.

                MATCH OLD AND NEW

                  Even if you prefer the look of new furniture, add something vintage to the room, such as a vintage clock, antique candlesticks, or a weathered timber shelf. It keeps the room uniform.


                    Although you want to create a cohesive look in your home, choose only a few similar accessories. They should not be the same size, shape, color, or pattern. A little variety is essential. Break up all the square cushions with a round one; choose vases in various heights, conditions, and materials.


                    TAKE YOUR TIME

                    There is no need to rush through the decorating process. The best spaces are those that have developed over time. 

                    Are you ready to begin? Contact Enza Home Pakistan to get the best solution for your home interior design solutions and avoid mistakes while designing. 


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