8 Interior Design Mistakes That Spell Disaster

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What comes to your mind when you see some very good furniture on sale in Lahore? We know the first thing that comes to your mind is how beautiful it would look when set in your living room or bedroom. But do you need to buy everything to make your space look great? Or do we need to spend a lot on an interior designer to set it up for us?


Getting interior designing services is quite expensive these days and discussing all interior designing tips can get a little too extensive. Therefore, we have outlined some mistakes in interior designing that no one should make so that you get saved from a major chunk of deadly sins and can set your place like a pro by spending a fortune!

Overlooking Statement Pieces

We know everyone wants to fill in the voids and have a beautiful room. But while trying to fill in the room, we tend to buy many insignificant pieces that make no positive impact on the overall look of the room. Therefore, we must add some statement pieces that have an irreplaceable position in your heart like beautiful room mirrors, elegant sofa beds, modern bedsdecorative mirrorsor rugs with intricate designs and rich textures. 

Forgetting Walls Exist

We like filling our room with furniture and particularly the floor. We buy all the furniture to fill the floor and forget that we have so much space left on our walls. Now when we do fill our walls, we intoxicate them with wall art and hangings forgetting that shelves can be one of the best additions to our walls.

The best way to set a wall is by adding beautiful shelves that can later be used for many purposes such as putting books, and frames, setting decorative mirrors, and placing lamps or antiques. You can easily find decoratives to be put on the shelves for example you can visit any antique store or any good furniture shop with furniture on sale in Lahore or any other city in Pakistan.


 A very good idea to decorate shelves with is: using candle stands and different scented candles. Candles look beautiful, give an antique feeling, and also help you light up the space (also helps the space smell good if you use a scented candle). 

Lamps in Lahore are very easy to find if you are going for them. Just visit the closest furniture shops and we are sure you will find some very good options. You can even check some good online furniture stores since lamps are not too costly (most of the time). 


Coffee Table Disappointment

If you have ever availed of interior designing services, then you must know how important is to choose the right-sized coffee table. A right-sized coffee table changes the whole look of the room. Whenever you go to buy your living room furniture, always buy the living room sofa set before buying the coffee table. This way, you will be able to decide what size and shape of the coffee table will suit your sofa. If your sofa is elongated and linear, buy a circular coffee table and vice versa. 

A Room Full of Mess

We spend so much on furniture shopping and interior designing but we forget the things that come free of cost. Editing your room’s looks is free of cost. How can you edit though? The answer is very simple. Run a critical eye over your room and see what is needed and what is unnecessary. See what is reasonable and what is not. What you like and what you are just not letting go of.

Once you are done, donate or sell the extra things. Do not let your room clutter. This is the easiest and the most important factor you should always have on your mind. And the good thing is that it comes at zero cost! What else could be better than something free? Minimize the clutter in your room and keep the statement pieces. The best things are always simple. Use the best carpets on sale under the living room sofa beds and your modern TV stands for a luxurious uncluttered look.

There is nothing wrong if you want to buy furniture online for your room, but if that is what you want to do, then let go of the furniture that has gone out of style or is useless and only adds to the clutter.

Sticking to Walls

One very common mistake is sticking your furniture with the walls. Always leave a little space between your furniture and your walls. It does not matter what room we are talking about; you only need to check the size of the room. How much space you can leave between the furniture and the walls will be dictated by the size of the room of course, but there is always room for a little space. This way the overall size of the room looks bigger and you can create multiple conversation points this way. 

Using the Obvious Options

Whenever you go to have a look at dining room furniture on sale or carpets for sale, never go for the obvious options. Firstly, they are quite boring honestly, secondly; this way you lose the sense of uniqueness and individuality in your expression. Your setting becomes the exact copy with a few edits. Even when you go to a bedroom furniture shop, go for a different kind of bedding so that your style stays unique. 

Basic Bedroom Setting

We always play with our living rooms and dining rooms but we never play around with our bedroom. Most people go for the obvious layout of their bedroom. This may be because of a few myths that have become famous regarding bedrooms. People believe bedrooms need to be set according to the set standards but you can always test.

But testing comes after planning. Always plan your furniture. Whenever you go check beds on sale, or for bedroom night tables or bedroom mirrors and wardrobes in Pakistan, first see how you can set them in your bedroom. If you can see yourself setting them in at least 2-3 different ways, only then buy them so that you have some room for changes and testing.

Neglecting Smaller Items

Small furniture and decoration pieces are what add to the personality of the room. Always go for significant and intricate small pieces to fill in the voids of your room. Decoration pieces and furniture on sale in Lahore are quite common and if you can get your hands on some of the good pieces, we are sure you can easily rock a space without an interior designer too!