9 Ways to Convert Your Home into A Palace

Modern Furniture In Lahore

Why should kings and queens have all the fun? Why can't we live in a palace? Well, the answer to all these questions is: everyone should have fun and everyone can have fun. You can have your palace and you can be the ruler of it! Just follow these simple instructions and you can set up your palace.

The best part is that you do not even need to avail any interior design services in Lahore, you can do it all by yourself.

1. Mix Old with New

You don't need to buy all the antiques for your new palace. You can buy a few antiques with some modern furniture and you can create an equally great look. For example, if you are buying furniture for your bedroom, you can pair modern beds with vintage lamps or lights. If already have vintage-looking lamps, you can surf modern beds for sale online and buy them right away. Finding beds online is very easy and also safe nowadays.

If you want to pair vintage-looking nightstands with your modern bed, search for vintage nightstands for sale and choose the ones that come in your range. Several furniture stores offer online furniture for sale, you can choose your antique and modern options from there.

2. Built-in accents

Built-in accents are always an add-on for your home. You can benefit from them to a great extent. Built-in accents can help you set a tone as the built-in accents have been built on a pre-set mood.

For example, if you have built-in accents in your kitchen that give a very rough and tough look then go for kitchen tables that give the same kind of look. This way you can strengthen the look even more. You can buy coffee tables online that add to the modern look of a vintage palace. This way you can live in a regal space with vintage looks.

3. Aged pieces 

Since you are going for a palace-like look, you should make the most out of the aged pieces you already have. Some people go for re-polishing the antiques to get a shiny look, but antiques always look more authentic in their real form. There is nothing wrong with cleaning it but don’t change the overall look. Instead, display them in prime locations so that we could benefit from the aged look. 

4. Colour, texture and shape

You can play with the color, texture, and shapes of objects and create a mesmerizing look. Use a combination of colors when you plan to have the best interior design for any room. Using a combination of colors does not mean that you need to make the place look like truck art. You can even use only 2-3 and get a perfect look. Some best combinations include the combination of pastels with bright shades.

If your room looks very plain then you can add layers and textures by adding textured fabrics, rugs, or carpets. You can search for carpets on sale online and you will be able to locate some best furniture stores selling beautifully layered and textured carpets. Even adding more lights helps you announce the existing textures and colors.

Using decorative mirrors with lights is the best thing you could do. Mirrors brighten up the room with their refractive properties therefore they multiply the effect of lights. You will be able to find beautiful vintage mirrors in the decorative items section of a furniture store. Vintage or French mirrors prove to be a nice addition to your living room furniture.

5. Chandeliers 

Chandeliers always add this regal look to the room they have been put in that no one can ignore ever. You don’t need an interior designer to guide you on this matter. A chandelier should be elegant enough to be your key statement piece. And a palace is incomplete without a chandelier. Position your chandelier in the prime location right above your center coffee table or sofa set. 

6. Tufted sofa

Look for tufted sofas on sale as tufted sofas have more of a vintage and coffee shop-like look. You can even look for tufted sofa beds online. Sofa beds are an amazing way of adding double functionality to your rooms. Tufted sofas can be bought in any shade but for your palace-like look go for black, grey, white, or brown tufted sofas. These colors add a regal look and that is the reason these colors are always preferred in furniture. These are also the universal colours in the world of interior designing as they can complement any look effortlessly.

7. Pair décor 

One should always decorate in pairs. This creates symmetry and refines the overall look. For instance, if you want to buy dining room furniture online, and you are going to buy a high board for the dining furniture, it would look fine on one side but if you place the same high board on the opposite side, it will give a very good impression.

Now when you put a lamp on one side of your sofa set, it looks fine, but if you place two lamps on either side, it looks complete only then. 

8. Consistency

Always keep your interior consistent from room to room. Every room serves its purpose but the shades, materials, and themes can be kept consistent. You can have an idea that the rooms of a palace will look more luxurious and authentic if the theme is kept consistent.

9. Take as many risks as possible

In the end, the most important thing is to not be afraid of taking risks. Take as many risks as possible. Only risk-takers accomplish all the great things in life. No one can dictate to you how to set up your palace.

Your house is your palace no matter what size or shape it is. You do not need to own a mansion to turn it into a mansion. The same cute space as little or vast it is can be turned into a beautiful palace.